The Sterling Advisory Committee of Experts

Abdulkader Thomas

Abdulkader Thomas, born in Dayton, Ohio, is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy with a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy. Abdulkader earned a BA with honors’ in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Chicago. e is currently president and CEO of SHAPE™ Financial Corp. (formerly SAMAD American Holding Corp.), a leading consultant on Islamic banking and finance banking institutions based in Vienna, Virginia. He is also operator of the American Journal of Islamic Finance (AJIF), a source of research about the application of Islamic banking and finance, particularly in regulated OECD markets.

Abdulkader has 20 years of diversified financial services experience working in Bahrain, New York, London and Los Angeles. His areas of activity have included trade finance, real estate finance, securities and Islamic finance at Citibank, an affiliate of Credit Lyonnais, Sumitomo Bank, Ltd, and The United Bank of Kuwait. He was responsible for securing the first US regulatory approvals of Islamic instruments (ijarah wa iqtina/lease to own and murabaha/installment credit sale). Abdulkader secured the first Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation approval for an Islamic profit-sharing deposit and structured the first Shari’a compliant real estate investment trust (REIT) of REITs. Abdulkader has cross-border investment experience and has substantial experience in market measuring and business re-engineering. Abdulkader’s current work includes the issuance of private sukuk related to US real estate and Islamic mortgage alternative products.

Abduraheem Imam Sayi

Abduraheem Imam Sayi, born in Nigeria,is a graduate of Usman danfodio university with a LL.B (Combined) Hons. (Common & Islamic Laws),and alsoDiploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies : Institute of Arabic and Islamic Guidance.He is currently the principal partner A.A. Sayi& Co.(Qist Chambers), Presiding Qadi Independent Shari’ah Panel of Lagos State, Partner - In - Chambers, T.A.Dairo& Co.,(Legal Practitioners).

Abubakar Muhammad Musa

Abubakar Muhammad Musa is currently a Sharia a Advisor and a member of Advisory Committee of Experts (ACE) on Non-Interest Banking, NIB, Sterling Bank Plc, Nigeria. He is also a Sharia Advisor and Consultant for SHAPE Knowledge Services a consulting firm based in Kuwait. He has been involved in product development, Sharia research and approval of Islamic banking products for different clients. His work covers retail banking, corporate banking and project finance deals.

Formerly, Abubakar worked as a Sharia Researcher in different units at International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Besides his primary assignments in ISRA, he taught Shariah Rules in Financial Transactions to Chartered Islamic Finance Professional (CIFP) Masters online Students of International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF), Malaysia. He also taught MBA and BBA Students different Islamic Banking and Finance Subjects at University College of Bahrain.

Abubakar holds two Diplomas with distinction, one in Islamic Law and the other in Arabic Language from Al-Imam University Riyadh. He also holds LLB (Hons) degree in Shariah from the same University. He successfully completed his (CIFP) Professional Masters Degree Programme at (INCEIF), Malaysia. He had his internship program on Islamic Banking & Finance at Fajr Capital in Kuala Lumpur. During the programme, Abubakar conducted research relating to product structuring and market development.